Craig Bedford - Head Coach

Since a very young age I have taken part in various sports and teams, from Inline/Ice Hockey, Football and Rugby.
At school my favorite lessons was PE, I continued to further my education within the sports industry at College and University. During my time at University, I was head hunted by a Ice Hockey team in America (Pennsylvania) to be lead coach for one season.
Before CrossFit I attended a conventional gym which I found very mundane and repeatative. I wanted to make my workouts more fun, more enjoyable so I looked on YouTube for some inspiration,  this is where I stumbled across CrossFit. It wasnt much longer until I found my local affiliate and was in my first CrossFit class.
I appreciate CrossFit for that it is universally scaleable (anyone can take part), the community and how much of an impact it can have on helath and logevity of life.

Marcus Pillinger

I have been involved in the fitness industry and owned a gym for 16 years.
I got involved with CrossFit 4 years ago, I liked the methodology and enjoyed the competitiveness. 
I love helping people reach their fitness goals and fight against lifestyle diseases from inactivity.

Scott Baldwin

I first entered the fitness industry in 2010, working as a Personal Trainer and Lifeguard in the Spirit Health Club in Barnwood.
Over the forth coming years I gained numerous qualifications within the fitness industry. I then went on to established my very own strength and conditioning gym in 2013.
At the start of 2018 it was time for a change, I sold off the gym and took a hiatus away from all things fitness. A few months later I was approached by Marcus to establish a Barbell Club within CrossFit BDF to enhance the weightlifting skills of the CrossFit members.
Alongside the weightlifting club, I transform client’s physiques through Personal Training, nutritional programming and online coaching.