Marcus Pillinger - Head Coach

I have been involved in the fitness industry and owned a gym for 16 years.
I got involved with CrossFit 4 in 2013, I liked the methodology and enjoyed the competitiveness. 
I love helping people reach their fitness goals and fight against lifestyle diseases from inactivity.

Assistant Coach

Scott Baldwin

I first entered the fitness industry in 2010, working as a Personal Trainer and Lifeguard in the Spirit Health Club in Barnwood.
Over the forth coming years I gained numerous qualifications within the fitness industry. I then went on to established my very own strength and conditioning gym in 2013.
At the start of 2018 it was time for a change, I sold off the gym and took a hiatus away from all things fitness. A few months later I was approached by Marcus to establish a Barbell Club within CrossFit BDF to enhance the weightlifting skills of the CrossFit members.
Alongside the weightlifting club, I transform client’s physiques through Personal Training, nutritional programming and online coaching.